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French Pavilion at CISSE 2019

12 French firms specialized in elderly care services (architecture, homecare, training, nursing homes, facility management, home automation, etc.) showcased their expertise and know-how on the official French pavilion during the China International Senior Services Expo (CISSE) – the main elderly care trade show in China, which was held in Beijing on August 22-24, 2019.

These 12 French players were brought together by Business France in partnership with the French Healthcare Alliance and PFCGA (the Sino-French Partnership for Elderly Care).

Almost all these exhibitors, already well-established in China, were represented by their own local subsidiaries.


This joint action followed a conference on partnership opportunities between China and France in the field of elderly care, organized by BUSINESS FRANCE on August 21 at the French Embassy in Beijing. This conference was attended by almost 40 major Chinese investors, including BOE, CCB, JINMAO, FOSUN, YUECHENG, HNA, ICBC, JIC GROUP, PICC, SUNSHINE INSURANCE, TAIKANG, TUS-HOLDINGS, etc.) and 18 journalists.

During this event, the French Minister Counsellor to China, M. Olivier RICHARD, highlighted France’s comprehensive offer in the field of elderly care and its long-term commitment to collaborate with China in order to provide the Chinese seniors with solutions tailored to their needs and designed to ensure their well-being.


For further information about these French companies, please consult:

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